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Zen Strength Announces Plans To Launch New Hand Strengthening Set


(LosAngeles.CityRegions.Com, June 07, 2016 ) Los Angeles, California -- Following the success of its flagship finger exerciser FingerMagic, vitality and wellness company Zen Strength has announced plans to launch its first hand strengthener workout set.

The 2-count set combines precision training for individual fingers alongside the general forearm and hand strengthening benefits of a power hand gripper.

The power gripper provides a substantial level of resistance of 100lb. This is the optimum starter level of resistance for anyone who already has a good overall level of strength and who hasn't specifically trained grip before. Bodybuilders, new to grip exercise, usually find this level of resistance enough challenge initially.

The finger exerciser, allows targeted training of each finger and thumb from a light resistance (3lb) through to heavy (8.5lb). It remains the best way of exercising a range of different types of grip. These include the ‘crush grip', where an object is squeezed between the fingers and palm of the hand and the ‘pinch grip' where its held or squeezed by fingers and thumb pressing against each other.

Both products work in different ways to significantly enhance grip performance, meaning that musicians and sports enthusiasts can develop agility, strength and stamina to outplay any gig or competitor.

The finger exerciser targets individual finger strength and allows focus on the weaker digits that can let down overall grip strength - the ring finger and pinky.

It also has ‘locks' to hold down some of the keys to enable resistance training with fingers stretched at different angles. This is ideal for musicians and for skilled pursuits like rock-climbing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tennis and golf where different types of grip help customers excel in performance.

Learning the different types of grip with the finger exerciser allows customers to get more from the power gripper, as different techniques can be used for this also.

CEO for Zen Strength Paula Jenkins said:

"We're excited to be launching this set, which we've developed especially for our athlete, bodybuilding and musician customers"

"Grip strength is a much overlooked part of physical performance training, even for many bodybuilders and people who already train their overall strength."

"We know our customers love the finger exerciser and it routinely gets 5/5 from those that rate and review it."

"The gripper is designed to add an extra level of challenge to that and it comes with a rugged non-slip finish which is ideal for beginning hard-core hand strength training."

About Zen Strength

Wellness company Zen Strength is committed to supporting people improving their health and vitality, through offering high quality products and amazing customer follow-up.

Zen Strength

Christina Jenkins



Source: EmailWire.Com

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