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Love Your Tea Announces Its Research On Brewing Tea In The U.S

(LosAngeles.CityRegions.Com, June 29, 2016 ) Los Angeles, California -- Love Your Tea announces research on how tea is brewed, especially in the U.S., finding that there many misconceptions about making a good cup of tea.

Regardless, however, tea drinking has increased over coffee, even with the popularity of places like Starbucks, who now also offer a full variety of types and flavors. Department of Agriculture statistics shows tea drinking has increased as coffee drinking has declined in the United States. The is reason maybe a typical cup has much more jitter-producing caffeine than tea does.

"Because tea drinking has become more popular," Lee Jordan of Love Your Tea said, "here is suddenly a ton of data published on the Internet about it. We do not manufacture tea as part of our new line of tea products and accessories, but we may in the future. However, learning about tea has become a passion, and we have started posting some of what we have learned on our website: www.lovelovehome.com'

"The latest is our article 7 Myths About Tea, published on June 7, 2016. The article outlines some false ideas people have about tea and brewing tea. However, a few additional false ideas are outlined here."

False Idea #11

Tea is Tea. Do not waste money on expensive tea.

Gary Jordan, CEO of Love Your Tea, says, "Drinking high-quality tea is like drinking high-quality wine or a well-aged spirit such as whiskey. I can't even begin to describe the amazing first taste of a beautiful, quality tea. The difference is immense! And once you enjoy a high quality tea, you won't be able to go back to the humble, cheap teabag."

False Idea #2

Tea Does Not Have an Expiry Date.

Lee Jordan of Love Your Tea says, "This is false. In fact, the longer it sits around, the staler it get and the powerful flavonoids found in tea are reduced. Tea usually has a shelf life of about six months from the date the leaves are picked. To ensure tea remains as fresh as possible, see that it is sealed in airtight containers in a cool, dark and dry place. A good rule of thumb is to consume it within four months."

False Idea #3

Tea Helps Alleviate Stress

Actually, this one is true. In an article from The Telegraph, a website located in the UK. it states:

"The study, by psychologist Dr. Malcolm Cross at City University London, confirms what millions of tea-lovers have long believed that if you are upset or anxious, it pays to make a brew. The findings reveal that even a single cup of tea can significantly reduce anxiety levels after suffering a stressful experience and in some cases, make people calmer than they were before.

"The experiment at the centre of the study, which placed volunteers in a stressful scenario, showed a 25 per cent increase in anxiety for those that did not receive tea immediately after the stress-inducing test. Conversely, those who were given tea actually demonstrated a four per cent reduction in stress."

It may be just the act of putting the kettle on. However, another reason is probably that tea contains a unique amino acid called L-Theanine, which has effects on the brain as it can cross the blood-brain barrier. L-Theanine is found in the tea plant (Camellia sinensis)


In humans, L-theanine increases generation of brain waves called Alpha waves, which are associated with alert relaxation. Perhaps that is the main reason for the different, milder "buzz" that tea generates compared to coffee, and why tea may be a suitable alternative for those who are sensitive to the high amounts of caffeine in coffee.

False Idea #4

The Better the Tea, the More Difficult the Brewing

That is a myth about good tea that is completely false. The better quality is, the more forgiving it is in brewing. There is no denying that it an artist at brewing tea can raise it to its true potential.

Lee Jordan says, "But come on. If you are a hard-core tea drinker, drinking tea all day long, every day, do you have to make every cup an artistic composition?"

More on this subject at www.lovelovehome.com

About Love Your Kitchen

Lee and Gary Jordan, the owners of Love Your Kitchen and Love Your Tea, offer innovative kitchen tools and home accessories. (http://www.lovelovehome.com)

Love Your Kitchen

Lee and Gary Jordan



Source: EmailWire.Com

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