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TalegaDentist.com Shares the Meaning Behind the Number on Your Each Tooth




Dana Ghorab DDS The Best Dentist in San Clemente

(LosAngeles.CityRegions.Com, August 19, 2017 ) San Clemente, CA --- It is a known fact that dentists are some of the best health professionals in the world but receives less love compared to other health practitioners. Why? Most people hate it when someone pokes around their mouth that can take an hour or so. This is the main reason why Dana Ghorab, a dentist in San Clemente decided to share some of the most important information in oral health.

Blame It on the Jargons

People find it hard to like dentists mainly because they don’t understand any of the jargons they are using. Patients who don’t have enough knowledge about the procedures and treatments that they have to undergo always end up developing anxieties and the worse is a phobia.

talegadentist.com shares that The Sun News has recently released an article stating that “NO ONE likes the dentist. Fact.” which is supported by another statement from them that, “You can't talk, most of the time you are dribbling like a fool, and if it's a particularly long procedure the jaw ache can be agonizing.” But one thing’s for sure, it is very important to get those numbers right and handle them right.

According to the report of Megan Hill, the two main reasons why dentists put numbers on your teeth is first, to identify the type of your teeth and second, to rate the health of your gums using a scale of 1 to 6. But now that TalegaDentist.com and is here to share what Dr. Dana Ghorab aims to enlighten people, you can be the first one to eliminate your fears toward your dentist in San Clemente and start visiting him/her more often.

Periodontal Chart

TalegaDentist.com shares that the numbers on your teeth start from 1-central incisor, 2-lateral incisor, 3-canine, 4-first premolar, 5-second premolar, 6-first molar, 7-second molar, and 8-third molar or wisdom tooth. Meanwhile, the 1-6 rating scale that is referred as Periodontal Chart determines if your gum is ill or not which often leads to loss of teeth over time.

After some poking on your tooth and gum for about 6 times and taking note of measurements, that’s the time your dentist will determine the rate of your tooth on a scale of 1-6. In the simplest words, the lower the number the better result you can get. The 1-3 rating means good and 4 could mean there’s an inflammation of the gums. Higher numbers could mean that you have developed a periodontal disease, a loss of gum, or cracked a tooth.

TalegaDentist.com shares that periodontal disease is the 6th most common disease worldwide so be sure to consult your dentist in San Clemente regularly to ensure not just your oral health but your overall health. Start now by making an appointment with Dr. Dana Ghorab, the best dentist in San Clemente.

About Dana Ghorab DDS, PC

Dana Ghorab DDS PC is a private San Clemente California family dental practice, devoted to the highest standards in personalized dental care. They provide comprehensive treatment, restorative and cosmetic dentistry using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality and comfort. They pledge to provide their patients with only the care they need and to educate and inform them of all options available. They see patients of all ages and hope to provide continuous care to all members of their clients' family. They aim to make dental care as comfortable as possible.


Dimitry Vital

PR and Marketing @ Dana Ghorab DDS PC

Telephone: 949-218-1404

Email Address: info@talegadentist.com

Website: http://talegadentist.com/

Dana Ghorab DDS PC

Dimitry Vital



Source: EmailWire.Com

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